Army Dress Blue Uniform

New blue ASU class \”A\” uniform with jump boots.

ASU front shot male

male dress blue prior to introduction of Black Beret; click to enlarge

Revisions leave soldiers with single dress uniform


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I have owned a set since 2001 while serving in the US Army. My Squad leader and a fellow NCO went to a unit ball in 1994 wearing the dress blue …

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This uniform will serve as an option for “everyday office wear,” for which the current blue ASU is possibly “too formal.” The current ASU will remain the …

US G.I. Army Enlisted Dress Blue Uniform Set

current male dress mess; click to enlarge


1953-02-09-Four Versions of proposed Army Dress Blue Uniform | by …

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The colors are solid, crisp making the uniform appropriate for semi-formal wear.

Above: U.S. Army personnel in formal wear.

The Army's dress blue Army Service Uniform, which just replaced the dress green and white versions, will look subtly different from the existing dress …

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Note the service stripes on the bottom of the left and right sleeves

The old green uniform vs. the new blue one.

current female dress blue; click to enlarge

Us army dress blue uniform

Less formal winter uniform (W3).